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Private Lessons in Piano, Voice, Music Theory, Improv, and more…

Contact: Kellie Johannik
Littleton, Colorado

The fine arts play an integral role in the development of a society, the evolution of humanity, and in the strengthening and maturation of the individual human being. Art music, that music which is created by the most forward looking and creative musicians of the time, who, by their very nature, push the boundaries of current social, artistic, and intellectual paradigms, create a body of repertoire permeated with these aesthetics that literally have the power to change human beings on all levels, impelling them further on the path of evolution. When recognized for what it truly is, art music will be celebrated as an imperative tool for the positive evolution of humanity.

Girl with the Flaxen Hair

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair is one of 24 pieces found in Debussy’s Preludes. The piece was inspired by a poem by Leconte de Lisle. For Debussy, this poem also invoked memories of a woman with whom he was enchanted, and who served as a muse for this lovely piece, Madame Vasnier. The piece’s beauty comes from its supreme simplicity as the single notes delicately unfold and are allowed to sound in space, slowly, without a hurry to go anywhere. As more notes join, the harmonies mix and mingle. It is in this space of single notes, allowed to sustain and resonate forth, and multiple notes slowly inter-being, that the music exists. However, don’t be misled by the seeming simplicity of the piece for its affectation. When listened to as an event, with full-focused attention, the piece captures one through its genuine emotional power.